Plantation Road Death March, Nov 15

15 11 2010

Spotted Antbird, Male, Calling

Hit Planation Road early, intent on finding some antbirds on army ant swarms.

Found them–6 looong uphill kilometers in. WHAT a swarm. Huge. Tons of birds. And I  kid you not, ten minutes after I found it the sky opened up on me yet again. Buckets.

But!!! Fear not. I had acquired a magnificent umbrella at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. They normally don’t sell them, but after my mewling and begging, they relented and sold me a magnificent and glorios and HUGE umbrella.(Usually only used as ‘house’ umbrellas)

So, out comes my new umbrella, and I just hang out nice and dry and wait for it to pass.

So here’s a Spotted Antbird from today. Little guys, they are quite the handsome little birds. This is a male.

Spotted Antbird, Plantation Road, Gamboa, Panama



One response

19 11 2010

What a gorgeous bird. Someday…

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