Geoffroy’s Tamarins pay me a visit, Nov 14th

15 11 2010

Took a lazy day today. Started with coffee on the veranda at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and a little catching up on the internet there.

The reason for the laziness? I’ve got a blister on my lil’ toe that makes my lil’ toe easy to confuse with my big toe.  It’s so big that I figure that if I get into a survival situation some day…out of water on a hot day with a looong way back, The Blister will be my Plan B.  Sure, drinkin blister water is kinda gross, but we’re talking survival here. I thought of it myself, but I bet it’s in a Navy SEAL manual someplace. Probably for ‘eyes only’ since it’s so extreme.

So I get back to the crib and I’m reading my book and occasionally getting up and limping around and taking shots of my great yard birds. Then, about mid-afternoon, I hear a lot of high pitched chirping and look up. Well, what have we here??? Geoffroy’s Tamarins, a whole troop, in my yard! Sweeeeet!!!

Now, when you see these Tamarin, you’re probably saying to yourself, like I did, ‘Wow, bet ol’ Dan’l Boone would have made one hell of a cap out of one of those! Just picture ol’ Dan’l Boone showing up at the saloon with his new Tamarin Sombrero, making one hell of a fashion statement.  (He could do it, because Dan’l was tough, and to make a fashion statement like that in the 1800’s and survive, you gotta be tough)

Anyway, here are a couple of the shots I liked. Handsome little devils, aren’t they?

Geoffroy's Tamarin

Geoffroy's Tamarin, Gamboa, Panama



One response

15 11 2010
chris mayne

Dude, I’ll bring an umbrella. Geoffrey, whoever he is, sure owns some cool looking monkeys.

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