Pipeline Road…again?? Yea, you BET! Nov 13th

14 11 2010

Pipeline Road: Got a bit of a late start–just being lazy and indecisive. Did some early morning shooting at the yard birds (Not a bad mix, that includes three species of honeycreepers–with both sexes and a range of maturities, along with about a half a dozen species of tanager, 5 or six of hummingbirds, and a woodpecker and a pair or blue crowned motmots. Those are the regulars….not bad.

Got over to pipeline road at 9 and worked the first 4 miles of it pretty hard. Lots of red-capped manikins, nice female slaty tailed trogon and a nice female black throated. Ran into one ant swarm with loads of birds on it but they were in a terrifically overgrown area and try as I might I couldn’t penetrate it, and they didn’t come out enough for photos. Oh well….there is always manana.  I keep hearing about a great jacamar that is down by Rio Frijolito, but I can’t find the damned thing. Next time I see one of the guides from Canopy Tower taking a group down there I’m going to put on my tourist face and see if I can blend in with the group!!

Today’s image is a bit of a departure—a mushroom. Saw this most interesting fungi just off the path on pipeline road. Seems to me that hexagonal mesh net that grows around it is a warning from God. “Eat this and Die”. That’s the message I get anyway. Given that it’s sitting there all bright and white and so easy to see and still alive on pipeline road, with about 500 species of birds, about 10,000 species of insects, and a dozen or so herbivorous/omnivorous mammals around and it is still standing….I think all God’s lil’ creatures are getting the same message. (Update: Michelle, a guide at Barro Colorado, told me this mushroom is referred to as the Bridal Veil mushroom when I described it to her. She said it’s quite rare, she’s only seen one in several years of guiding in Panama…lucky me)

Bridal Veil Mushroom-Pipeline Road, Panama



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15 11 2010
Raul Arias de Para

Hey John, whenever you’d like to go birding with us, just let me know.
take care,

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