El Pez, y El Siesta Maximus (mixing my Spanish and Roman here, I know) Nov 12

14 11 2010

Fishing Day: Went down to the dock and hired a boat for 4 hours this morning. Caught 14 ‘Sargentos’ or Peacock Bass. Fun fishing!

Saw TONS of snail kites, many immatures—some gamboling after one who had an apple snail. Also frigate birds, limpkin, purple gallinule, osprey, amazon kingfisher, along with the usual suspects (kingbirds, kiskadee). Got some nice shots of a group of howler monkeys, which included mothers with babies. Also ran into a clan of white faced capucin.

BIG Siesta this afternoon, as it was raining anyway. My, that felt good. Hit the Gamboa Rainforest resort for a great burger (beat my own cooking by a wide margin) and some internet time. (Internet at mi casa has been down for a few days. The guy who was supposed to fix it was supposed to have fixed it already, but I suppose that I will need to reset my expectations instead.)

Today’s image is a Squirrel Cuckoo in the ‘classic’ pose I was looking for. I’ve a number of shots of these birds, but none with the tail draped down so that you can see the underside–finally got my ‘classic’ shot.

Squirrel Cuckoo, From El Torre at Discovery Center, Pipeline Road, Gamboa



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15 11 2010
Dave Freriks

Love this bird and shot!

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