El Torre-Nov 11

14 11 2010

Ruddy Tailed Flycatcher--Pipeline Road

Hit the Torre (Tower) at at the Discovery Center–Pipeline Road,  for a few nice shots of a female blue dacnis and my first shots of a yellow crowned tyrannulet.

It was slow after 9, so I headed to the pipeline road. The treat there was to run into an anteater for the first time. Great little creature, a lot more vigorous and colorful than I’d imagined. He was very ‘roufous’ (orange/red) and paralleled me on the road for about 50 yards—but presented no opportunities for a shot (I had my 800 with me, as it’s the lens of choice for the tower–but it’s not the quickest thing to bring into action…not exactly the choice for a ‘snap shot’ and that’s what might have worked on my anteater today. Oh well, there are other days ahead.

Today’s capture is a Ruddy Tailed Flycatcher (at least I think it is) that I captured on the fist section of the Pipeline road. Waaay dark in the understory, but the 300 and it’s f2.8 really gathers the light. I like the shot and hope you do to.



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