Pipeline Road Habit is now Fully Formed–Nov 10th, 2009

11 11 2010

Back to the Pipeline Road this morning.  As I make the turn toward the entrance to the Pipeline Road,  a older guy, obviously a tourist, gets out of a car and flags me down. ‘Is this the Pipeline Road?’……’ Nope, you’re about half a clik from the gate, and then it’s two cliks from the gate to the second gate to be on the ‘official’ Pipeline Road….follow me”, I replied.  So he did, with his aged wife and her aged friend. When we got to the parking area, there was a taxi there with a couple of younger tourists from Switzerland–who asked if they could hang with us too. So off we go, me with three Holy Roller Methodists from South Carolina, and a couple of Switz’s.

Seemed to me… if there was trouble… I was going to be the one who’d have to fight for all of us.

Lord, help me tote this bale…and off we go!

Pretty quiet at first..called up some chestnut backed antbirds, and we ran into a few female manikins along with a number of toucans. We hiked in a couple of miles and then started back (for fear of having to carry an aging holy roller on my back if I wore one of them out) Ran across another set of toucans and then….I got my blessing!!!

A Semi-Plumbeous Hawk made an appearance. A bird of the forest interior, this one was true to form in that he was not very ‘flighty’….which is typical of them when they find a perch with canopy above them. This one let me walk almost directly underneath of him to get shots from the other side. Nice!

Anyway…he makes an appearance, and stays. I shot the dickens out of that bird. What a gorgeous animal. I think you’ll agree. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from today.

Semi-Plumbeous Hawk, Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama

Semi-Plumbeous Hawk Calling, Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama



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14 05 2012
Mary Ann G

Stunning bird, well shot!

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