Batman, I have located your Falcon–Nov 9th

11 11 2010

Plantation Road this morning. Hiked in starting at 6.30 and I must say that Plantation Road is my new favorite place in the Gamboa area. Great trail with lots of open jungle and the trail runs up the sides of ridges so you look down and across a good area of the understory. Way more open than Pipeline Road.

Got some nice activity right at the start. Slaty Antshrike and several other antbirds right by the entrance. Then it was pretty quiet for about three miles…which I should note is all uphill.

Then I found it…saw some birds ahead and they were  ‘sticky’, meaning that they didn’t take off as quickly as expected as I approached. Oh yea…Army Ant Swarm. It was loaded with gray headed tanagers, several species of spinetails and woodcreepers, and LOADED with chesnut backed antbirds……I was in heaven….for about 5 minutes. Then the rain hit.

Buckets. Torrents of Buckets. Buckets of Torrents.

Gear into the waterproof bags. Hike ALL the way down the hill I spent the morning walking up, getting soaked the whole way. Back to the casa…wet gear off and out to hang, dry gear on. So goes a morning.

But….the sun broke out later in the afternoon, and I thought, ‘I wonder if that Bat Falcon I saw the other day is at his roost….so I put the gear in the car and drop on by. And there he was, stretching in the sunshine. Woooo Whooo!!!

THANK YOU JESUS!! (Jesus is the guy who pointed out the bird to me in the first place)

So, Bat-Fans, here’s a Bat Falcon, Stretching in the sunshine….and making me very, very happy!

Bat Falcon, Gamboa, Panama

Bat Falcon giving it the old Bat-Strech.....



One response

11 11 2010
Vic Murayama

GREAT SHOT, keep up the good work!

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