Rain Day–Nov 6, 2009

10 11 2010

Three Toed Sloth-Pipeline Road, Gamboa, Panama

Rain Day: Went to Pipeline road at 6am, to find the gate locked. I waited about 15 minutes, and then walked in the two miles to the official ‘start’ of the pipeline road. It had rained overnight, and was overcast this morning. That proved to be the case for the whole day. I walked in, and then walked about 2miles down pipeline road in very light drizzle, and then it hit. Got drenched. The gear went into waterproof bags and I just put my head down and hiked out. One wet puppy. Oh well, I guess that’s what it takes to keep things green in a jungle. I did get a couple of shots of a dot winged wren, and a chestnut mandible toucan–neither of which were good enough to be more than ‘documentation shots’.

I took the opportunity to drive into Panama City and do some shopping. Hit the El Rey market for a ‘big shot’ of groceries. After that it was a nap, some reading, and some Spanish study as the day was just one constant drizzle.

So today’s image is an image from yesterday, the Three Toed Sloth that I watched at the Discovery Center at Pipeline Road. The rain didn’t seem to bother him…



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