Another Rain Day—ouch!

10 11 2010

Arrgh–another rain day. Solid all day long. Caught up on some reading and got my blog going. Did some macro photography of a few special ‘friends’ that showed up in the night. I leave the porch light on to attract them, so every morning I get to check out the latest offerings in exotic bugs and the insectivores get a treat if I don’t abscond with them for modeling purposes. Here’s a very handsome Mantis. Great adaptation. Sitting on a tree in the jungle, he’d be very hard to find.

During a break in the rain I took a drive around gamboa looking for any birds that might be sitting it out too. Found a glorious little bat falcon roosting on an old snag in the middle of the village. Most excellent. I’m going to have to see if he likes that roost on sunny days too……

Anyway, here’s the bug of the day for my rain day….a particularly handsome Mantis…

Rain Day Mantis Portrait

Mantis mugging for the camera....Mantis's, I swear they're all alike...



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