Day Three, the Discovery Center, Nov 5, 2009

9 11 2010

Day Three, and it’s the Discovery Center over by the pipeline road today for me. They’ve got a HUGE tower that looks out on the canopy, and I’ll be there at the crack of dawn today.

Rather quite up there…..a squirrel cuckoo gave me a few very nice shots (and included that ‘classic’ pose I’ve been wanting–with the tail visible) along with a black crowned tityra. Seen but not imaged birds included some eupohonia and blue dacnis and various parrot/parakeet flybys. Oh, also got a shot of a magnificent frigate bird patrolling over the Panama Canal.

Came down from the tower about 9 and took the short hike to the Lagoon, hoping for a Sun grebe—for no joy. Watched a young man in a teeeeeensy little boat fish using a hand line. Amazing, the guy could cast that hand line better that I can case my best rod and reel. There is something to be said for practice. Found a nice red-capped manikin at the head of the trail that posed for me, then headed up to the Discovery Center–which is Hummingbird Central Command. Tons of feeders and tons of birds there–a flurry of activity.

The woman who ‘mans’ the center pointed out a three toed sloth for me. Up in a cecropia tree and oh, my God, but that light was bad, bad, bad. Got a few interesting shots nonetheless (thank you, Canon, for the incredible versatility of your gear!!). Also had a nice visit by both male and female violacious trogons, and a few other misc. species.

On the way back, I patrolled the ‘ammo dump ponds’ and spotted the roufescent tiger heron working the grass. Grabbed some nice shots and it was back to the casa for a siesta.

When I arrived, Jesus has just put out some chow for the birds, so I spent a half hour working over some of the ‘new’ yard birds, which included Northern oriole,  plain-colored tanager, and crimson-backed tanagers.

Today’s images…a Shining Honeycreeper.



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