Pipeline Road…Nov 4, 2009

7 11 2010

Awoke to light rain, after a night of moderate rain. Off the deck of the Soberania Research Station, photographed more red-legged honeycreepers. Also had a nice woodpecker that stopped by for a few shots, and the usual hummingbirds (white-necked Jacobin and roufous tailed). Green Honeycreeper (male) and an orange collared manikin stopped by, but didn’t pose for me. The agouti were busy in the yard as well.

Generally overcast this morning, making shooting difficult–although when you capture a bird in this light it’s often a terrific shot.

Headed over to the pipeline road about 10am. Found two army ant swarms, at the first of which others observed roufous vented ground cuckoo (someday…I’ll get a shot of one!). Got great shots of an adult female, and both male and female immature (pictured), fasciated ant shrikes. Also got some pretty darned good shots of a bi-colored antbird—amazing as they were at 1/15th of a second, handheld. I still don’t know how I did that!



2 responses

7 11 2010
chris mayne

Hey John,
Beautiful images! It’s gonna be pure torture to see these till I get there.

14 05 2012
Mary Ann G

John–I can tell I’m REALLY going to enjoy reading this blog–over a year after the fact. Next best thing to being there again!

As you’ve most likely since realized, what you had was probably a Golden-collared Manakin rather than Orange-collared, which according to the range map doesn’t show up east of the Azuero, right?

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