Arrival! (Nov 3, 2010)

7 11 2010

Landed at Panama City, Panama at 1pm, and I was out of the airport and on the road to Gamboa by 1.45….great time considering that included picking up a rental car. I should note that I saw a Caracara in flight– paralleling the jet as we rolled out after landing–Welcome to Panama!!

Going through Panama City, traffic was heavy for awhile. I noted a lot of cars honking and flashing their lights…..I was amazed at how friendly and welcoming the Panamanian people are–my arm got tired waving!! There was even a parade with marching bands to celebrate my arrival–what a great country!! (I learned later that I’d arrived on a National Holiday, but that did not diminish my glow from the arrival ‘welcome’ I’d received)

Arrived in Gamboa at 2.30, and easily found the Soberania Research Center. No-one was around but there were lots of birds, so I grabbed the gear and started shooting–within minutes I had some nice shots of both red-legged (pictured) and shining honeycreepers.

This is epic! 



2 responses

7 11 2010
Linda Bartholomew

We’ll be watching your adventure, John, as the weather gets colder and colder here! And, btw, the picture is beautiful.

7 11 2010

Very nice John, a gorgeous photo and bird. I bet you get many more.

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